What You Can Cook For The Price of McDonalds

Brothers Green Eats

Published on May 22, 2017

#whatyoucancookfor #budgetcooking #brothersgreeneats I've had enough of people telling me that eating fast food is easier and cheaper than cooking yourself. The sole purpose of this video is to debunk that idea. I went to McDonald's, got three meals worth of food, then went to the market and spent the same amount of money and cooked a ton of delicious food. I ended up making enough food for 3-4 days and didn't even use up everything that I bought. Even if you eat off the dollar menu, cooking at home can save you some green. See below for what I made If you want to buy my Egg Ebook for only $5, click here: http://bit.ly/2qculwI What I Made on $16.43 1. French Fries 2. Beef Tacos 3. Pickles 4. Jalapeno Black Bean Spread 5. Spicy Tomato Sauce 6. Fried rice 7. Tacosagna 8. Veggie Omelette 9. Breakfast Tacos 10. Egg in a Hole Tortillas 11. Slaw 12. Rice What I also made but didn't show in video: 1. Crispy Potatoes 2. Banana Egg "pancakes" 3. Tortilla Chips 4. Taco Slaw Salad Recipes: Ingredients: Cooking Oil Salt & Pepper Potatoes Onions Ground Beef Canned Jalapenos Tomato Sauce Cucumbers Cabbage Carrots Lime Juice Vinegar Rice Black Beans Tortilla Wraps Eggs Scallions Instructions: In an oven tray, put oil and salt. Cut up potatoes into French fries and place them on the tray and mix it around with the oil and salt. Put it in the oven to bake at 425 degrees. In a pan fry up some diced onions and then add ground beef and cook it together with the onions. Mix up canned jalapenos (save a couple of jalapenos to roast later on) with a little bit of the pickled jalapenos juice and blend it with the tomato sauce and blend it all together in a blender to make into a spicy jalapeno tomato sauce. Dip your potato fries into the sauce and enjoy! Take left over pickled juice and add a little bit of water and add in some cucumbers and salt. Slice up some cabbage and add some roasted cut up carrots. Add lime juice and salt. You can add vinegar or seasoning if you’d like. Add a little bit of cabbage in a rice cooking pot and cook it with some rice to add flavor to the rice. Add in some roasted jalapenos into a cooking pot with some canned black beans and a little bit of cabbage. Grill your tortillas and add in all your ingredients: black beans, ground beef, cabbage, spicy jalapeno tomato sauce and cucumbers with your fries on the side and enjoy! Bangin’ Fried Rice In a wok pan, throw in some cabbage with your ground beef and in a cracked egg and cook all together and add in cooked rice. You can also add in scallions and soy sauce if you’d like. The BG Loaded Omelette In a pan, add in some chopped up carrots and potato fries and in your beaten eggs. Add in some ground beef and let it cook into an omelette and add in scallions. Enjoy! The Tacosagna In an oven tray, place some tin foil. Spread some spicy jalapeno tomato sauce on the tin foil and add your tortillas. On top of your tortillas add in ground beef. Add another layer of tortillas on top of ground beef and add black beans with a little cabbage and spicy tomato sauce. Add another layer of tortillas and spread spicy tomato sauce and put it to bake. Once it has baked, crack in some eggs and let it cook on top of tortilla. Add some salt and pepper. Enjoy! The Egg In a Tortilla Hole Take a tortilla and cut a hole in the center. Put tortilla in the frying pan with oil and crack the egg in so that the yolk is at the center where the hole is and let it cook for a little. Add in salt & pepper. Flip over gently and let the tortilla cook on the other side. Put tortillas in a plate and add in your black beans and cabbage with some spicy tomato sauce. Enjoy! music by Lakey Inspired and from the Youtube library.