What is Wretched?

What is Wretched?

What is Wretched?

Short Answer:

Wretched is a 501c3 non-profit organization that uses television, radio, and various other forms of media to create culturally-compelling and theologically-sound content with three goals in mind:

        Preach the Gospel.

       • Equip the saints to preach & defend the Gospel.

       • Strengthen the local church.

Why "Wretched"?

About a decade ago, Todd called Ray Comfort. “Ray, we need a name for the new show, and all I can think about is a slogan: ‘The wretch the song refers to.’ I want to convey that thought in the title.” In typical Ray Comfort fashion, he said, “I’ll think about it and call you back.” That is the classic Comfort way of saying, “That is a terrible idea.”

A few minutes later, Ray called back. “Todd, I am so sorry. I wasn’t totally paying attention when you called. I thought you wanted to name the program after something a cat does when it has a fur ball. Retch. That was stupid of me. You should call the program, Wretched.

And thus was born our TV and radio program that has produced over 2,000 episodes of TV programs and thousands of hours of radio content. Why is “Wretched” so fitting for us?    

       • Some would argue that the program itself is downright wretched.

       • The host is fully aware of his wretchedness.

       • Wretched is at the very core of the Gospel: that God would save wretches like us.

Some days are more wretched than others, but our desire is to proclaim Amazing Grace as often as possible.

Our Hopes

  • To see God save souls through the proclamation of the Gospel.
  • To raise the bar in Christian broadcasting.
  • To never do anything that would bring dishonor to our Lord’s name.

Who Are We?


The Wretched crew is a collection of believers who bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and strive to use today’s technology to bring the Gospel to as many people as possible. You can learn more about each Wretch on our Meet the Team page.