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Change a child's life! Spontaneous worship inspired by Tremble & Worthy of It All - WorshipMob featuring friends - Cross Worship in Cincinnati Support our worship productions @ Tremble by Mosaic MSC Worthy of It All by David Brymer & Ryan Hall Join us on Facebook: Simultaneous Real Live Worship by the WorshipMob Christ-purchased Identity, Unity, & Freedom #Tremble #WorthyOfItAll #WorshipMob #CrossWorship #Worship Credits: Life: Father, Jesus, & Holy Spirit Ministry & Prayer: Devin Christensen, Larissa Mulholland, many more Audio Production: Jesse Bergeron & Sean Mulholland Video Production: Dezerae Buford and Jesse Bergeron Camera artists: Richard Seldomridge, Dezerae Buford, Ben Wamberg, Daniel Lamb, Melinda Martin, Jeremy Mueller, Lori Higgins, Lauren Schultz, & Rachel Lamb Dancers: Vianna Mulholland & Katrina Smith Vocalists: Colette Beard, Erica Bostick, Qirsten Carter, Troy Culbreth, D'Marcus Howard, & Osby Berry Electric Guitar: Carson Smith, Dallas Bernard Piano: Sean Mulholland Bass: Stephen Roux Drums: John Fitch Thanks & love to all others that gave of their time & assistance