The Unbelievable Story of an Ecstasy User

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At an early age, Jeff Durbin developed a passion for martial arts. After rising to the top and winning everything there was to win, his attention soon turned to alcohol, ecstasy, and whatever else could satisfy him. One early morning, he realized something was seriously wrong with his heart. He knew immediately that his addiction had taken him too far… Sign up to watch this exclusive, eye-opening interview not included in the film. Narcotics have become a "savior" to our generation, promising temporary joy, pleasure, intimacy, and relationships with others. Individuals, families, and communities throughout the world are struggling to fill empty voids. In hopeless desperation, millions turn to drugs and alcohol to escape life's pain and suffering. These silent killers are affecting every one of us. Chances are, you know someone who has been directly impacted by alcohol or drug addiction. Despite what AA, rehabs, and modern psychology teach, addiction is not a disease that needs to be cured. It is a sin that needs to be repented of. If you are struggling with addiction, our hearts go out to you. We lovingly want you to know that it’s time to stop focusing on RECOVERY and start focusing on REDEMPTION. Turning from drugs will change your behavior, but it will not change your heart or make you right before God. The only way to truly experience forgiveness and a change of heart is to turn to Jesus Christ. He took the excruciating penalty for man’s sin on a cross, bearing the wrath of God on our behalf. However, it didn’t end there. He resurrected from the dead, and now He continues to resurrect people everywhere from spiritual death to spiritual life. This is called being “born again,” and it results in a new desire and empowerment of the Holy Spirit to turn from evil and walk in the ways of the Lord. Run to Jesus and be saved from harming yourself in this life and the life to come. Today is the day of salvation. To learn more about true heart change and getting right with God, text (800) NEED-HIM | (800) 633-3446.