Practical Tips on HOW TO LIVE OUT THE BIBLE // Christian Advice

Coffee and Bible Time

Published on Apr 10, 2017


Here are my top tips on how to live out the Bible! Reading the Bible is very important BUT it has to be lived out in your life in order to actually mean something!! Living out your faith is something that goes hand in hand with reading the Bible! This is my BEST christian advice :)) I challenge all of you NOT to just read the word BUT TO BE DOERS OF THE WORD!!! If we all did this think about how much the world would change!! Crazy right?! :) COFFEE & BIBLE TIME WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: TWITTER: ASHLEY'S PINTEREST: TAYLOR'S PINTEREST: MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE IF YOU HAVEN'T YET! We post christian inspiration and christian advice videos weekly! We love being christian youtubers & spreading the love of Christ on this platform! Love, Joy, and Peace, Ashley