Pasta Grannies makes lasagna verde from Emilia Romagna!

Pasta Grannies

Published on Apr 5, 2019


We meet Ines, who shares her recipe for homemade lasagna verde. It uses a spinach pasta dough, a rich meat ragu with pork, pancetta and beef as its base, a bechamel sauce and plenty of Parmigiano - which a put together to make a lasagna typical of Emilia Romagna. Ines lives near Cesena and when she was young she used to get up at 4am to cycle to fields 40 kilometres away and cook the farm labourers' lunch. Her ragu uses: 1 celery stick, one carrot and one onion, finely chopped together. 100g pancetta, minced. 250g each of ground beef and ground pork; one Italian sausage (100% meat), 400ml tomato passata, 1 tablespoon of tomato concentrate, 1 glass of red wine and some water. Salt, nutmeg. The pasta is 400g grams 00 flour, 55g cooked squeezed out spinach and 3 eggs. The bechamel sauce: 500 ml whole milk, 40g butter, 30g plain flour, nutmeg, salt