OnePassion Ministries exists to ignite a supreme passion for God
and His glory in all people throughout the world.

Our Purpose

OnePassion Ministries exists to ignite a supreme passion for God and His glory in all people throughout the world. As our name indicates, the strategic goal of this ministry is to enflame hearts with an all-consuming desire for Jesus Christ and His gospel. Our primary aim for believers from every walk of life is that they be revived and emboldened to live exclusively for the greatness of God. This intentional focus is to impart the knowledge of the truth by equipping pastors and church leaders, maturing lay people, and launching a new reformation in the church today.

Most specifically, OnePassion is committed to training pastors in expository preaching that is firmly anchored in proclaiming God’s Word. We live in a day in which there is a famine in the land for the hearing of God’s Word. In response to this spiritual drought, this ministry is devoted to calling those who stand in pulpits to the high standard of biblical preaching. If we are to see a new reformation in this day, there must, first, be a reformation of the pulpit. Only then can the church experience transcendent worship, authentic godliness, and true evangelism.

Our goal is to provide as many free audio, video and written materials as possible, along with charging minimal for other resources. In return for these materials, ministry donations are appreciated to further these efforts and continue to provide complimentary resources. 

Our Passion

What we desire most is that every Christian know and pursue the supreme majesty of God. This generation suffers from anemic, low views of God as His glory has been obscured. All too often, the character of God is trivialized. Likewise, the pursuit of holiness is minimized, as the church, all to often, has become increasingly like the world. It is our passion to alter this dire course and steer believers toward greater godliness. Our thrust in this ministry is to grow in grasping the majestic supremacy of God over all things. We want believers to know that it is by His supreme mercy that He has saved us by Himself and for Himself.

OnePassion seeks to recover in the church a high view of God, a stunning vision of Him who reigns in the heavens over all. More specifically, this ministry seeks to magnify the sovereign grace of God in the salvation of sinners. These transcendent truths are rooted and grounded in Scripture and have been at the core of every great movement in church history. These truths that once shook the world are those same doctrines that are particularly featured in this ministry. If another great working of God is to come in our day, it will come only as we return to these core truths of Scripture that have proven to be reliable in generations past.

Our Platform

OnePassion makes available the preaching, teaching, and writing ministry of Dr. Steven J. Lawson through a comprehensive website. Included in this online resource are his many sermons, books, articles, interviews, transcripts, and a newsletter featuring Dr. Lawson. Further, OnePassion will host national and international conferences directed at training pastors and church leaders in expository preaching, while also bolstering the strong pursuit of godly living among laymen.

A unique focus of OnePassion is informing believers of the important men of church history and the spiritual movements they launched. Much is to be learned from a study of church history, which strengthens the present day church as it moves into the future. One component of this church history emphasis will be tours led by Dr. Lawson, to important church history sites in Europe, England, Scotland, and New England, where the Reformation, Puritan Age, and Great Awakenings took place in centuries past. Herein, much inspiration is found for believers to stand strong in these days and to follow the example set forth by these godly men of ages past.

Our Position

The heartbeat of the Reformation is captured in five concise statements of truth known as the five solas, meaning “alone” in Latin. Together, these five solas stand as one doctrinal creed, or statement of faith, that capture the core beliefs of the Reformed faith: 1) Sola Scriptura: The ultimate of authority of the church is Scripture alone, not Scripture and church tradition, nor ecclesiastical leaders. 2) Sola Gratia: The unmerited favor of God is granted by grace alone as a gift for the guilty, not a reward for the righteous. 3) Solus Christus: Salvation was accomplished by Christ alone through His substitutionary death upon the cross. 4) Sola Fide: Salvation is applied to man by faith alone, apart from any human merit. 5) Soli Deo Gloria: All God’s operations in man’s salvation are, ultimately, for His glory alone, as are all things.

More specifically, the doctrines of grace provide a concise statement of God’s saving works. These five truths are: 1) Total depravity: Sin has corrupted every part of man's nature, resulting in his spiritual death and leaving him unable to save himself. 2) Unconditional election: God has chosen, in eternity past, by Himself and for Himself, a people for His own possession. This is a loving act of God's sovereign will. 3) Definite atonement: In His death, Jesus offered Himself as a perfect substitute for God’s elect. At the cross, Christ actually saved these chosen ones. 4) Irresistible grace: The Spirit inevitably draws God's elect to faith in Christ. This work of grace is irresistible in those chosen by the Father and redeemed by the Son. 5) Persevering grace: All believers in Christ will pursue a life of personal holiness and will never fall away from grace.

These transcendent truths radically change lives, elevate churches, produce joy, promote discipleship, encourage evangelism, and launch missions. This body of truth, rooted in Scripture, teaches that salvation triumphantly flows from each Person of the Godhead for the purpose of redeeming, rescuing and regenerating undeserving sinners. In this cohesive system, God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit work together as one Savior, united in saving helpless sinners. Such is the God-honoring truth of sovereign grace.

Our Partnerships

Dr. Lawson works closely with other ministries of common conviction. Dr. Lawson is a Teaching Fellow and board member with Ligonier Ministries, as well as a Visiting Professor in the Doctor of Ministry program at Ligonier Academy, where he teaches Expository Preaching. He also serves as Professor of Preaching at The Master’s Seminary in the master’s and doctoral degree programs, where he also serves on the board of The Master’s Seminary and College.

He is a regular speaker at The Shepherd’s Conference, Ligonier National and Regional Conferences, and Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. At Christ Fellowship Baptist Church, he hosts the annual Expositors’ Conference, where he has been joined by men like John MacArthur, R. C. Sproul, Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, and Joel Beeke. Moreover, he is a featured speaker at numerous conferences overseas, such as the Focus Conference in Italy, the Fiel Conference in Brazil, and the Scottish Reformed Conference in Scotland.

Dr. Lawson also serves as a Council member of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and serves on the Alliance Executive Staff. In addition he serves on the Advisory Council for the Samara Center for Biblical Training in Samara, Russia.

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