Ninos de Mexico

Ninos de Mexico


Niños de México is a non-profit mission organization directly supported by churches and individuals throughout the United States.



The Greater Mexico City Area is one of the largest urban areas in the world with population estimates ranging from 19.2 million to some 30 million people. In this city alone, there are hundreds of thousands of street children. Some have been orphaned. Others have been abandoned. Still, others are abused. All need the love of Jesus.




Since 1967, Niños de México has been giving LIFE to these children one child at time. Many of these children have grown up to become doctors, ministers, teachers, and more, helping to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in Mexico. Today, we are actively involved in sharing Jesus with the children and people of Mexico through our six children’s homes, Christian school, medical outreach, and church plants.




Niños de México operates seven children’s homes in the Mexico City area and the city of San Luis Potosi. Each home is designed to function as a family. With Christian house parents, their kids, and 11-19 children, Niños’ homes are truly loving and caring places for the children to grow and learn the love of Jesus.



In 1966, a young couple from Missouri made a trip to Mexico to assess how they could best work to meet needs and evangelize the people. They were met in Mexico City by veteran missionary Dean Cary. After much prayer they decided to begin a program that would later be called “Niños de Mexico”. In 1978, an office was opened in Union, Missouri to provide communications with U.S. churches and to take care of the business end of the expanding ministry. Since then, many faithful house parents, staff, and volunteers have followed the Lord's calling to care for and share the love of Christ with hundreds of kids. Today, there are seven homes, 95 kids and 20 staff living out James 1:27 in Mexico.



A few months ago, we received a call from a local Division of Family Services about two children who were being physically abused in their home and had to be removed immediately. The local social workers had begun to research the kids' situation and found that there were no family members or friends who could take the children in, love them, provide for them and protect them.

A few weeks later, we received a call about another brother and sister who had been passed from family member to family member. It is our understanding that they were being abused by different members of their family. At some point, their situation was reported to Division of Family Services who immediately began to work on their case. The social workers intervened and rescued them from the difficult situation they were in, and brought them to our homes.

Within a few days we were informed about another little boy who was found abandoned and in great need. He was taken to DIF where they began searching for family members who could take him in and provide the love and care that he needed. They were unsuccessful and we agreed to welcome him into our family.

Today each of these kids are doing very well in our homes. They are adjusting to their new Niños family. The fear is gone from their eyes. They are beginning to learn to trust other people again. Most are enrolled in school and advancing at the appropriate level. Today they have a hope and a future that seems so much brighter because we were able to say YES!

We spend approximately $325 every month to care for each child that calls Niños their home. We need your help to be able to care for these children who were found in difficult situations and now have a new hope and future.