NEED Meaning Purpose Morality Reason Life ... What if I Don't?

Published on Sep 5, 2012
NEED Meaning Purpose Morality Reason Life? What if I Don't Ravi Zacharias in a Brief excerpt from a recent talk he gave at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa entitled " Need God, What if I don't? " in which he takes us through a rational and logical excursion of what this means and the conclusions it brings us to, which seem to be where we find ourselves today. God help us!!! The worst part is, while although Nietzsche at least had the sense to recognized and lamented, knowing that man can not survive without God, we here in our "intellectually enlightened" (i.e. - we could not think our way out of a wet paper bag, yet we stand on top of the accomplishments of those who came before us and congratulate ourselves for their accomplishments, while we dynamite the foundation on which they were built) time seem to be heralding the the headlight on the front of the freight train barreling towards us down the track we are stuck on as as the dawning of a new and glorious day!