Nazareth Travel Vlog: Megiddo to Tiberias! | Israel Part 6

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Welcome to my 6th vlog from my trip to Israel! Today we are driving from Megiddo through Nazareth to Tiberias and stopping by the " Yardenit Baptismal Site", located along the Jordan River! Thank you for watching! Please subscribe & give a thumbs up! MY ISRAEL TRAVEL GUIDE ON SKILLSHARE- MORE TRAVEL VLOGS- PLACES MENTIONED IN THIS VLOG// Tel Megiddo- According to the Book of Revelation in the new testament of the bible, Armageddon (the location of a gathering of armies for a battle during the end times) will start in Megiddo. Mount precipice- Located just outside of Nazareth, it is believed by some to be the site of the Rejection of Jesus, described in the Gospel of Luke. The view there was amazing! Basilica of the Annunciation- A church in Nazareth that was established over the site where the Catholic tradition holds to be the house of Virgin Mary, and where the angel Gabriel appeared to her and announced that she would conceive and bear the Son of God, Jesus. This site and the city of Nazareth are among the most sacred places in the Christian world. Fauzi Azar Inn (Abraham Hostels)- A 200-year-old Arab mansion turned guesthouse in the heart of Nazareth. Mount Tabor- In the Hebrew Bible, Mount Tabor is the site of the Battle of Mount Tabor between the Israelite army and the army of the Canaanite King of Hazor. In Christian tradition, Mount Tabor is the site of the Transfiguration of Jesus and where the Church of the Transfiguration is located. Yardenit Baptismal Site- A baptism site located along the Jordan River in the Galilee region of northern Israel. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the waters of the Jordan River. The Yardenit site is an alternative to Qasr el Yahud. Tiberias- A city on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee sea. Sea of Galilee- A lake where Jesus performed miracles according to the New Testament, such as Jesus walking on water and the miraculous catch of fish. SOCIALS// INSTAGRAM- YOUTUBE- BUSINESS INQUIRIES- MUSIC// Good For You by THBD Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported- CC BY 3.0 Music promoted by Audio Library I feel good by Ehrling- Nazareth Travel Vlog: Megiddo to Tiberias! | Israel Part 6- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FTC: This video is not sponsored, some links may be affiliate links and all opinions are 100% my own. #israel #travel #traveldiary