Love the Lord your God with All Your Mind - RC Sproul - The Christian Mind - Part 13

Published on Apr 8, 2014
This video reproduced with permission from Ligonier Ministries. Discover more Ligonier resources at or check out their YouTube channel ( The Christian Mind: 2012 National Conference - Part 13 - R.C. Sproul - Love the Lord your God with All Your Mind - Burning hearts are not nourished by empty heads. In a world increasingly hostile to Christianity, it's unwise to assume that having a passionate heart is sufficient. Next Video (Part 14): Previous Video (Part 12): The Christian Mind Video Playlist: Other Videos On This Channel: Subscribe: Ours is an age that emphasizes emotionalism and experience. Emotions and experiences are not necessarily bad things, but they should not be set up in opposition to the mind, to reason. In this message, Dr. R.C. Sproul exhorts us to remember that Jesus called us to love God with all of our minds.