LEAVING CROATIA - Travel Day To London

Daneger and Stacey

Published on Oct 19, 2018

Today we have to leave Croatia! After so many vlogs here we're sad to leave, but excited to travel to England and a trip to London that... ⬇ Click 'Show More' ✈ Learn to travel full-time: http://bit.ly/2PjaPey We've spent 6 weeks in Croatia - such an amazing place to travel and it definitely made vlog creation pretty easy, it's stunning! If you want to see more of our Croatia travel vlogs from 2018 you can see the playlist from the start here: https://goo.gl/3Tkg3p Today we travel to England and arrive in London before a 5 day trip to Cornwall and Devon and the coast of England. An area of the country we've been told we must travel to for some time now. Coming soon will be 4 or 5 vlogs as we travel down the coast and showcase what England is like outside of the big cities! Definitely a change from Croatia, but an area that we can't wait to explore. ▬▬▬ ✈ TRAVEL FULL-TIME: Join 1,000+ others and learn the steps and secrets of how to travel full-time. No bullsh*t, just pure information gold with 220 pages covering everything we know in one place. Learn more here: https://danegerandstacey.com/book