How to make an eBike (DIY)

Auto DIY

Published on May 19, 2015


If you are looking for the parts and tools list, please visit: This video is a detailed overview of how to convert a bicycle to an electric bike (eBike). The motor in this demonstration is a 750W Bafang 8Fun BBS02 Mid drive system with a 48v 9AH Samsung lithium Ion battery pack. The process is the same for any Bafang mid drive, including the BBS01, or BBSHD. Happy riding. Purpose built eBikes are great, but expensive, and the mid drives are also generally 36v 350w systems. This motor and battery can be had for about a thousand dollars and installed on almost any existing bike. Plus you can max out the legal limit and get a 48v 750w more powerful system. Making your rides as easy or tough as you want, this is great for commuting or just exercising. When you let it assist you, it makes you feel incredibly strong, and it will get you out and enjoying riding.