Francis Chan and the Mormons - Missionaries came to my door

Walter Strohbeck

Published on Feb 22, 2014

More on Mormonism @ weebly website @ facebook @ youtube Dan Mohler || Link of this video of Francis Chan Watch Mormonism vs Christianity cartoon: Francis Chan displays such a loving approach on how to witness to Mormons effectively and assist them to discern the truth about their most cherished testimony of the history of the church of Jesus Christ (LDS) aka the Mormon Church. He is also such a fine example of Christian living. There are tens of thousands of disillusioned Mormons that have been taught an imaginary history of Jesus Christ's ministry in ancient America (Book of Mormon). When they find out it has just been made up many loose their faith that they where in truth a member of the only true and living church of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sadly they have been taught that all hope is lost if the LDS church is not true, because traditional Christianity is false and corrupt (demonic). True Christians like Francis however demonstrate with their lives that Christianity has not been abandoned by the Holy Ghost and that God is very much alive an at work in changing the world. More about the Mormon dilemma and a better hope and faith in Jesus Christ More at website ... or on facebook