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Douglas learns that one of the most important reasons to forgive others is that God forgave us first. We need to forgive, just like we need to be forgiven. Douglas was at a friend’s house and they were playing with his friend’s brand new, awesome remote controlled car. They were down in the basement driving this little car around when Douglas’ friend got called upstairs. Douglas continued to play with the remote controlled car as he waited, but something TERRIBLE happened! He crashed the car and it broke into a million little pieces. Douglas tried to fix it, but it was no use—it was totally broken. As soon as his friend came back, Douglas rushed over to him and apologized for breaking his awesome car. His friend was sad, but in the end he said, “It’s OK, Douglas. I forgive you. I mean, it’s just a toy.” Douglas was SO RELIEVED, so happy that his friend had shown him forgiveness. But when Douglas went home, the very first thing he saw was his favorite action figure in the whole world, lying on the ground with its head popped off. Douglas knew that it was his little brother Stephen. Stephen is always messing with his stuff! Douglas angrily called his brother downstairs to confront him about the toy. Stephen apologized for breaking the toy, but instead of forgiving him, Douglas pushed him. Stephen started to cry, and Douglas’ mom came downstairs to see what the problem was. Douglas explained that Stephen deserved it for breaking his toy, but his mom said, “It’s never OK to push people; and besides, it’s just a toy.” Douglas was immediately reminded of how his friend had forgiven him for breaking his expensive toy. What would it be like if God were like Douglas? What if every time we sinned, God just struck us down with a lightning bolt? That would be bad! But God isn’t like that. God will forgive you no matter what. God loves us so much that He sent His only Son Jesus to die for our sins, so that we could live forever with Him. So let’s forgive one another, and remember that God forgave us first. Bible Verses About Forgiveness: Matthew 18:21-35 | The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant Luke 15:11-24 | The Parable of the Prodigal Son Genesis 37-45 | Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors Micah 6:8 | “love mercy” Romans 12:19 | “Do not take revenge” John 3:16 | “God so loved the world” Matthew 5:38-40 | Turn the Other Cheek Want to own this video about forgiveness for kids? You can download this video to use in your ministry: It also appears on Douglas First Ever DVD: Douglas Talks is a Christian video series meant to help parents and teachers explain Biblical truths to their kids in a way that is fun, and that they can understand. Join Douglas as he learns to live God's way!