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In early 2020, before COVID-19 halted worldwide travel, Inspiration Cruises & Tours was approached by the award-winning TV production team that makes “Behind the Scenes with Host Laurence Fishburne,” a public television program. They wanted to explore the world of Christian travel. ???????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????? ???? ????????????????????-???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????? ???? ???????????????????? ????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????????. We were thrilled to take them behind the scenes of two of our extremely popular events: the MercyMe at Sea Caribbean Cruise in January 2020 and Insight for Living’s Israel Tour in early March 2020. This short documentary video is a product of their expertise, featuring what we love most about travel: the people you meet along the way. With Inspiration, high-profile ministries and artists enjoy times of Bible study, concerts and interaction with their fans. Churches and faith-based organizations come together in spectacular destinations ready to rejuvenate relationships and deepen their faith. Inspiration makes this happen, taking care of every detail so travelers can focus on what matters most. Visit us at or call ???????????? ???????????? ????????????????.