Combian64 V 2.8

Combian64 V 2.8

Combian 64 v3.0 is coming…stay tuned 

For those of you who don’t know what Combian 64 is, i explain you shortly.

Combian 64 is Raspberry Pi distribution able to boot your preferite Commodore machine in just few seconds.

It uses the brand new compiled version of Vice 3.1 to emulate all the Commodore Machines set.

By default, Combian 64 boots the Commodore 64 emulator, but it’s not the only one included in the distro….what if you want to emulate a Commodore Vic 20?

Easy answer! 

By quitting the emulator (pressing key F8), typing ‘menu’ command from the shell, you have access to the internal Combian 64 menu which will allow you to change options like: emulator to run at boot, run raspi-config command, reboot your Raspberry Pi, shutdown, or even run again the emulator.




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