Catania, Toarmina, Marzememi, Siracuse Sicily Vlog 2017


Published on Mar 1, 2017


CATANIA, SICILY DATES TRAVELED: 15TH FEB 2017 - 18TH FEB 2017 WEATHER: VERY SUNNY- 17-18°C IN TEMPERATURE Our tour started from Catania. We rented a car from the airport and drove to a few places. We didn't have a long stay here so wanted to make the most of it. DAY 1..Arrived at our hotel Miro B&B. Spent the evening in the Catania area. DAY 2.. Drove to Mount Etna 30-40 min by car from Catania. Got to try some specialties from around this area pistachio nuts and honey. The honey known as 'Gold Etna' is amazing and comes in a variety of flavours such as lemon, strawberry and hazelnut. We then got a cable cart this cost us 30 euros each and just went half way. After this we drove to Toarmina which was about 1-2 hrs. drive from Mount Etna. Places we visited here were Castle Mola and Theatre Greco. DAY 3..On the third day we drove to a fishing village called Marzamemi which is the southern most point of Sicily. It was originally called Mars? al-hammam by the Arabs in the 10th century. After a short visit here we drove to Siracuse. In this town we visited Castle Maniace, Cathedral in Duomo di Siracuse and Tempo di Apollo. Whist here we got try the local delicacies Pasta Alla Norma which is the most iconic dish. You will find that most of the foods have an influence of Greek, Spanish, French and Arab origin. DAY 4..Our last and final day in Catania. In the morning we headed straight to Orta Botanica, a garden growing a wide variety of cactuses'. The place itself was ok, we only went there for something to do. we then went to the main plaza Piazza Duomo which also has a shopping district next to it. So we managed to garb some last minutes souvenirs before making our way to the airport. Please like and subscribe. Thanks for watching. x Non copy righted music used. Camera Samsung S7 Hitfilm Express and Video Editor (Samsung) DISCALIMER: Flight and accommodation have all been paid for by me with my own money.