Adrian Rogers: Standing Firm in a Pagan World [#2456]

Blanket Tomcat

Published on Mar 24, 2016


We are moving away from a Christian consensus in America. Many people have come to believe that choice of one religious faith over another is irrelevant. And why do they say this? Because they say all religions teach the same basic lessons about life. Find what God's word has to say about this. Scripture References: Acts 17:16-18 Series: Challenges to the Cross This Message: This Series: 1. The Signs of the Times and the Beginning of the End [#2454] 2. Living in the Last Days [#2455] 3. Standing Firm in a Pagan World [#2456] 4. From the Palace to the Pit [#2458] 5. Four Lies That Ruined the World [#2460] 6. Flawed Appetites and Fatal Attractions [#2461] 7. It's Time for You to Get a Life [#2463] Related Series: Masterpiece Collection If you would like more information please visit these following websites: Official Website: https: Audio Messages: Video Messages: Follow on Twitter: Like on Facebook: Youtube Channel: If you would like to contact LWF Ministries Write to: PO Box 38300, Memphis, Tennessee 38183 Call: (901) 382-7900