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Official Music Video for "Adonai" - an original song by WorshipMob Adonai written by Cara Summer, Aaron McClain, Claudia Martinez, & Maor Moshe Spontaneous by WorshipMob "Adonai is a prayer. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, it is an invitation to enter into worship, reverence, and repentance towards Yahweh God, our creator. We are ready to sacrifice the idols in our lives, to turn towards Yeshua and offer our bodies as living sacrifices, so that we can be his vessels in the coming revival. Adonai is a war cry to the trinity for sanctification and resurrection in every area of our lives - a plea for intimacy and revival from a good and merciful Lord. Come, pour out in greater measure all that You have in store. Prepare Your bride to receive You and everything You are. We worship You Adonai, You and You alone." - Cara Summer Live recording at one of our WorshipMob Recording Retreats! Become a worship partner with us today: Vocalists: Cara Summer, Claudia Martinez, Sara Tracy, Aaron McClain, Glorianna Barnes, & Tara Scott Electric Guitars: Hadid Boneta & A.B. Licon Acoustic Guitar: Stephen Goodier Bass: Sean Mulholland Drums: Clive Jackson Percussion: Chris McDonald & Marcos Popa Prayer/Intercession: Larissa Mulholland, Vianna Mulholland, Devin Christensen, Christine Jennings, Raven Hidalgo, Lauren McClain, Austin Vande Berg, Benjamin Tucker, Karen Murphy, Stephen Roux, Colten May, & Lauren Jenkins MakeUp Artist: Vianna Mulholland Graphic Design/Thumbnail: Rachel Lamb Camera Artists: Richard Seldomridge, Sophia Mulholland, Makenna McIntosh, Zalie Mulholland, Andrew Stoffel, Jared LeHew, & Dezerae Buford Recording Engineer: Jesse Bergeron Vocal Editing: Sean Mulholland & Colten May Audio Editing, Mixing, & Mastering: Sean Mulholland Video Production: Dezerae Buford Produced by Sean Mulholland, Dezerae Buford, & Colten May Lyrics: You are worthy of all praise My Lover, my King All that I am cries out to You אתה ראוי לכל שבח מלך שלי אהוב שלי כל מה שבי קורא אליך ata rauy lekol shevach melech sheli, ahuv sheli kol ma shebi kore elecha Pour it out, pour it out We want the greater measure Empty me, fill me up Make me a vessel Adonai x 4 Come like a wildfire Burn up our idols Come like a wildfire Pour out revival Come like a rushing water Pour out revival #Adonai #WorshipMob #Hebrew #CaraSummer #AaronMcClain #ClaudiaMartinez #MaorMoshe #wildfire #worshipmoboriginal